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Bankruptcy And Debt Settlement:

Chapter 7

Chapter 13

Debt Settlement Negotiations

Bankruptcy Chapter 13 Modifications And Conversions

Adversary Defense

Adversary Creditor Claims

Family Law:

Divorce Law

Child Custody and Allocation of Parental Responsibilities

Child Support

Grandparents Rights 

Parenting Time and Visitation Rights

Paternity and Single Father's Rights

Post Decree

Post Decree-Modifications

LGBTQ Family Issues

Restraining Order



Practice Areas: Practice Areas

Bankruptcy Practice

We focus on Chapter 7 and 13 personal bankruptcy representation. Assisting people who are facing financial hardship and need a clean financial slate is our primary goal. We work to insure that our clients understand their options as well as the process they are undertaking every step of the way.

The Vargas Law Firm, P.C. understands the overlapping issues that are involved in Family Law cases involving bankruptcy and can represent parties pre, post or during divorce matters. We have experience representing filing and non-filing spouses and can help navigate the complicated issues that arise with divorce and bankruptcy.


*Stop Foreclosures

*Stop Wage Garnishments

*Provide Financial Relief Due to Temporary Unemployment

*Provide Financial Relief During Divorce

*Assist with Tax Debt Repayment/Discharge

*Provide Relief from Aggressive Student Loans

*Stop Creditor Collection

*Eliminate Unsecured Debt

*Provide Option for Bringing House Payments Current

*Provide Option for Bringing Car Payments Current

*Provide Relief from Civil Judgments

*Remove Judgment Liens from a Home

*Eliminate Medical Debt

*Reduce Debt Owed on a Secured Vehicle Loan

*Every person's situation is different and this list is not a guarantee of options available to everyone, please contact us for a free initial consult to determine what options are available in your case.

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